this is very intresting story….
please i want to read this maaneet ff and give me the name of this ff…….

~Awaited Dreams~


She was crying nodding in a NO..she will not believe him..why was he saying this she knew that he was lying he loves her or even if he doesn’t then also he doesnot hate her like he is saying…her tears were falling aimlessly..her heart was broken.. she was sobbing loudly shuddering…he shouted at her again….

Maan: I hate you geet..i hate you.. you are such a incurable wound that I will have to bear all my life… you will be there in my life till I want… and then you will be out of my will be thrown and discarded no one needs you… no one… neither your family nor me… you were and will always be a puppet for me..a girl with whom I will seek revenge… you are just a mere piece of flesh who is needed for my satisfaction… you know what they call…


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